Blog Moved

I have moved this blog to this new server. I’ve copied all the posts and changed them as necessary to work with the new server. I tried doing that the clever way by copying folders but that didn’t work — I suspect due to having different versions of WordPress. So it was back to the backups. 

There are two different sorts of people: those who make backups and those who wish they had made backups.

The blog is still at the old server for the time being. If I did the move properly there should be no real difference between them. But this is the one that will get updated with new posts.

Please leave a comment if you find any bad links.

Old fletchWeb pages

This web site was originally made from HTML and CSS helped along by m4 and make. My current web site provider ‘TSOhost’ allows WordPress to be used.

I think WordPress looks nicer than my old pages and will be easier to maintain and keep up to date with web fashions.

So new pages will be in a WordPress blog format and any updates to old pages will go there too.