Andy Fletcher, MM0GYG


I was an SWL from the late 1960s until 2009. I had always meant to get a licence, but things like work, a girl, babies, exams and other distractions kept getting in the way. Also, a lot of the fun of amateur radio for me has been building circuits and there are plenty of things to build to keep an SWL busy.

I am now retired and the babies have grown-up and flit the coop so I have more time. I got my foundation licence (MM6AAF) in October 2009 at the Livingston and District ARS, and my intermediate licence (2M0NDI) in April 2010 at the Cockenzie and Port Seton ARC. I got my Full licence (MM0GYG) in May 2011 also at CPSARC. Thanks go to Bob GM4UYZ and Cambell MM0DXC at CPSARC, and Norman GM1CNH at LDARS for excellent training.

I run an Kenwood TS–590S. My main antenna is a small transmitting loop. For bands I can’t tune on the loop I use an end-fed about 26m long. Both are about 12m up – the loop is in the attic, the end-fed is draped over the roof. Unfortunately there are no suitable trees to use. On 6m I use a 3-element beam made from coax stapled to the attic roof, fed by a gamma match. I often run CW or some digimode and am a member of the G-QRP Club– thanks to all at the club for being so friendly and helpful. I’m also a member of the European PSK Club. See Digital Modes in the sidebar for how I make QSOs in these modes.

I’ve recently been using SSB more often as the (newer) loop causes little RFI in the shack and running 100W is possible. I welcome any audio reports as I’m new to voice QSOs.

I seem to spend more time home-brewing bits of electronics than operating. See On the Bench or Old Projects. My home-brew 40m CW Transmitter is sometimes on the air at about 7.027 (and hopefully nowhere else HI HI).